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Duration: The duration of the Programme is of 2 academic years.

Eligibility: The candidate who has LL.B degree course of 3 years / 5 years duration of this University or any other recognized University will be held eligible for admission.

Structure of Programme:

The structure of Programme is based on guidelines of the UGC and the academic conventions in the University. The areas selected are Group A Human Rights & Group B Business Laws.


  • The Student may choose either Group A or B for pursuing the LLM Course
  • Group once selected cannot be altered under any circumstances


Learning Objectives of LL.M Programme

Objectives: The LL.M Programme is a post graduate study in select areas in legal advanced education.

Perspective: Legal education has a very crucial role to play in development of the law as a humanitical profession since it is an educational process which equips the future lawyer, judge administer, counselor and legal scientist to fashion and refashion ways of peaceful and ordered attainment of ideals of human governance on the one hand and democratic right on the other

LL.M with Human Rights

The study of human rights has gained momentum after the Second World War because there were sea changes in the global scenario, which brought about new concept of protection of Human Rights against violation. This impact has been reflected in the Constitution of India, Judiciary and other institutions of the Government. Lawyer’s duty is mainly to protect the rights of individual and in this regard he is


  • Supposed to know the various aspects of human rights, and as such the study of human rights becomes integral part of curriculum of any legal study.
  • This course is intended to highlight the concept of human rights, their evolution and their importance in our society how particularly in the era of privatization, globalization and liberalization.

LL.M with Business Laws

  • This course has been introduced, keeping in mind the enormous development   of trade commerce, industry and the impact of globalization and privatization affecting all the nations of the world. It is imperative for a lawyer to know and have understanding of the new laws such as intellectual property etc. which are the result of the changes in the commercial world.
  • The entry of multinationals in India has affected the economic policies and demands cognizance in commercial laws. The ever demanding compliance issues & due diligence has made it pertinent to have holistic approach to the subject. This course is designed in such a way that it takes care of the changing trends in the corporate field & facilitates for the development of Corporate Lawyer.



(Note : This syllabus is valid for Student's who has enrolled from the academic year 2008-2009)



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